The Albums

the mps (2001)
Our first record, recorded in New Brunswick by King Django. Rough stuff, but grand. Basically we recorded every song we could remember and put it on a CD. "I love your live CD," one kid told me at a show once. I didn't have the heart to tell him it wasn't live. CLICK HERE to buy via iTunes.

In Bed (2002)
Also recorded by Django, this is a five-song little wonder, a miniature version of what was expected to be a much longer CD. Still, it gets the job done. Trauma and magic consigned to music. CLICK HERE to buy via iTunes.

How Can a Man Be Tougher Than the World? (2005?)
Not all sure of the dates on these things anymore (Stephen or Alan will straighten this out, I'm sure). This is our masterwork, or so we believed. Recorded by Mikey at his then-residence in Kearny. An actual album, in the sense that we planned what was going to go where and how things were going to go together. Plus, Alan played on this one. True, the other records had bass, but they didn't have Alan. CLICK HERE to buy via iTunes.

If you want to purchase any of these on CD, fear not, we have tons of them. Contact us via our Facebook fan page or any of the other venues posted at right. Or just buy 'em online via iTunes HERE.