Friday, October 29, 2010

An Interview with Jim Teacher, Part 3

By Jim Teacher

JT: Speaking of playing live, which shows were your favorites?

JT: Well, apart from some classics at Maxwells and the now-defunct Uncle Joe's, we got our best reception and had our best times in the Philly area, specifically Bucks County, more specifically Bensalem (though we did play the ultimate show in Philly, a basement show--great time). New Jersey was hard, because if you didn't sound like you were derived from Lifetime (and hey, I like Hello Bastards as much as the next guy), the kids didn't give a shit. And New York was no fun, as New York sucks balls in many ways. But for some reason, Philly-area kids were down, they didn't seem to have any preconceptions or prejudices, and they loved to dance. Maybe they were just crazy, but that's all right. We were crazy, too.

Like I said before, I think our sound benefitted in small spaces. We played outside in Jersey City one time, and although it was wild and weird (I think some old guy bit Stephen), I don't think it sounded so hot. But man, when you get like a shitload of people packed into a tiny basement just dancing, it is magical. The music sounds tight, everything comes together. The mps sound was made for that environment, I think, and smallish clubs.

JT: I'd have to agree. So what's it all about then, the music? What drives it?

JT: Women, of course. Women are the only reason men make music. Anyone who tells you otherwise is a liar.

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