Wednesday, May 11, 2011

An Interview with David Caldwell, Part 3

By Jim Teacher

JT: Favorite MPS show? Tell it.

DC: Oh man....there have been a lot of memorable shows for a lot of different reasons. shows that we totally rocked, and shows that totally sucked! We had them all!

All the shows down in bucks county were awesome....the first rock and roll basement show we played in bensalem is one that sticks out - was our first show down there, and we met some great folks who just wanted to rock. The shows at sacred grounds were also pretty amazing....again, met some really nice people and were always well-received.

Shows at maxwells in hoboken were also excellent...we always ate for free, and the food was good...and we actually got paid well to play. We opened for some awesome bands at maxwells, and I'll always be grateful for those spots.

I would have to say, though, that the show that I will always remember was down in philly...not sure when it was exactly, I'm not really good with remembering dates....we were invited to play this basement show by some friends, and the place was totally packed. I remember playing through the set, and it was hot as balls down there! we played hard, and folks were dancing and having a great time. then, out of nowhere, I look up from behind the drum set, and who comes down the basement stairs.....NAKED GUY! dude just comes running in completely nude and starts dancing his bare ass off, and then a few minutes later, he was gone! I was like, "holy shit....naked guy!"

....have to say that that's probably the show I remember the most...completely random and absolutely awesome.


  1. That was at the Bee Happy House. I keep the show poster on my kitchen wall. It is a favorite show of mine, too. Cousin Adam was there for a bit, but he didn't get to see us play. We went for a brief walk and sat in one of those strange Philly bar/delis where we picked up beers for the house. Alan and Ashley had some pretty amazing video footage from our set, showing the crowd completely flipping out during "Bitch, Why?" We bought a couple of Sarah Bean's colorful, fuzzy animal hats for the girls. One dude from one of the other bands was bleeding from his ear.

    That's all I remember.

  2. I would like to see that video.

    I remember being so afraid buying beer from that joint. Whoooo